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Our products are widely used in Frontlit and Backlit advertisement printing, large format billboard printing, tarps for trucks, cars and boats, tent making, swimming pool lining and many other unique industrial textile applications. We are an all-inclusive manufacturer, fabricating from base raw materials to finished products using one consistent quality control system. Our products are well accepted by our customers in China and worldwide

1. Width (meter): 1.02-5.0
2. Thickness (mm): 0.30-0.60
3. Top and bottom layers: Plasticized vinyl chloride
4. Mesh layer (the middle layer): Man-made fibers, 200-1000D
5. Pull Strength (N/5 cm): >800
6. Shear Strength (N/5 cm): 250
7. Delamination Strength (N/5 cm): 40
8. Transmission (white light): 28%
9. Use Temperature (oC): -20~60
10. Width tolerance in accordance with Q/HLD02-2000 specifications.
11. Unit weight of plasticized vinyl chloride is within the following range:
12. Water Proof
13. Fire Resistance: Automatically extinguished away from fire
14. Application:
1), Billboard (backlit)
2), Dispalys (indoor and outdoor)
3), Banners
4), Building murals and instore displays

We also supply mesh, one way vision, banner cloth, vinyl, PP paper, laminate film, photo paper etc, Please contact us for more info - Payment terms and shipping details will be agreed during negotiation.

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SinoColor WJ-740i Pro Sublimation
SinoColor WJ-740i Pro Sublimation
Self Adhesive Vinyl
Self Adhesive Vinyl
SinoColor ES-740
SinoColor ES-740
SinoColor SK-3208S
SinoColor SK-3208S
Eco Solvent Printer A-Starjet 7702
Eco Solvent Printer A-Starjet 7702



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